Chapter One

One month later

Estephania woke up to the gray blanket outside that enveloped Seattle almost year round. Her sister’s guestroom was bright and happy however, and the bright yellow walls calmed Estephania slightly.
Today she was especially nervous. She had been in Seattle a while now, and she finally had her first job interview today at Seattle’s Emergency Room. She was extremely nervous.
After laying in bed for a while, she decided to tackle the day head on. Just like every day she had spent here. She woke up, did errands, helped her sister at the local radio station, ate lunch, ran some more useless errands and then had dinner before bed. Work. Food. Sleep. Repeat. Work. Food. Sleep. Without noticing it, Estephania had closed herself off from the outside world, from one of the most lively and most youthful cities in the world.
As she slipped out of bed and her pj’s it felt like any other day here. Muted and productive. However, she had no idea how her life would change today, specifically who would change her life and open her up to love again.
♥ ♥ ♥

Epilogue-My True Love

Estephania Smyth stepped outside of the overheated Seattle airport and into the rainy weather of her new life.

Pulling her single suitcase behind her, Estephania stepped up to the curb and pulled her hood up. Estephania ‘s sister was always late, and she knew that even though they had not seen one another in years, this would not be an exception.

Estephania looked around at the surrounding travelers. There were mothers busily caring after their kids, frantic business women and men rushing to their flights or to their hotels, homeless people huddling in cover of the rain. But as Estephania looked to her left, she saw a couple hugging, the girl crying. Both of them were smiling, their eyes closed; right then, Estephania wanted to capture the beautiful moment. The man pulled back slightly in order to kiss his love, and Estephania looked away, back to the wet, rainy curb.

She knew that she and Sean must have closely resembled the happy couple. That is, when she and Sean White were still a couple, seemingly happy in San Diego. They had been engaged for almost a year and a half; she had worn the engagement ring for so long that she had gotten a tan on her finger from it. His family was calling her, always asking when the big date was going to be. They had finally agreed on a date for the wedding when one of her friends saw Sean with Amanda Polly in the city. At first, Estephania gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though she knew what was going on.

But she could not take it any more. She liked Sean, she really did, but he was a safe option, not somebody she really wanted to spend the rest of her life with, especially not when he was a deceiving bastard. Him not telling her, him lying to her was what had made her finally decide to leave him. She had told him right then and there, at the dinner table. He didn’t even refuse it, he just sat there with this sad, ashamed look on his face. Finally he spoke, out of his preppy, rich mouth, asking her to please not tell his dear mother that he was not faithful.

Needless to say, Estephania kicked him out of his apartment right there. Not soon after that, she realized that she would have to move out, since their place belonged entirely to him. So here she was, sitting on the curb of Seattle’s airport, with her one suitcase. When she had left the apartment, and when he had seem how little she was taking, he promised to send all of her belongings to her new address. He them asked that she not tell his mother about, you know, him being a lying cheater. The only thing he was good for now was him paying for the shipping cost of all of her stuff.

As Estephania sat on her suitcase, in the rain, she felt the deep bitter resentment she had been suppressing rise up in her stomach. Her friends had asked her stupid questions, and told her stupid things after the breakup. “You were too good for him”. “Lying bastard”- well that one was true. But the one that bugged her the most was “He is not worth being bitter over”.

But of course she was bitter. Of course she was angry. Of course she was sad, afraid and insecure. Of course she was always asking herself why she was not good enough. But worst of all, Estephania Smyth twisted all of these feelings, and associated them not only with Sean, but all men in general. She felt that none of them were above Sean, and deep inside her subconscious, she vowed to never open herself up to the vulnerability of love again.

• • •  • • •